Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clean and Fresh Picasa!

I've just sorted my picasa so now it's more fun to go see the pictures that I take/took. I've uploaded a bunch of very nice photos taken in Rosenlund using a friends nice (canon rebel d50) camera. A set of photos are from a big bonfire night with marshmellows! So do enjoy! -Isa

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will Isa make the choice? ;)

Saturday evening, the sun has set and the horizon is a pastel rainbow. Out on the road, on a walk with the horses, behind me Jasmin calls out "Don't let her take your line (move into your space)" or "remember to praise her, otherwise she won't be learning". Rosie, a young, ready to be trained tinker is in my hands. As the night creeps in we get closer to home. I continue to soak in comments from Jasmin I get the feeling that at this moment, I'm probably learning more then Rosie is.

Back at the stables me and Jasmin discuss what Rosie has been pointing out during the walk - horses are great reminders of our weaknesses and strengths. Both Rosie and Janeda, had reminded me of a weakness of mine; "keap your line, keap your space, know what you want"!

And Jasmin reminds me that it is my choice to decide; who I want to be, or 'Who Isa is'. I smile to myself as I am again reminded that only I can change me. -It's a good thing to remember!