Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An early morning

The day started at 5:30 am with a light knocking on my door, "Isa, it's time".
We rushed outside with our equipment (tripods, cameras and the assorted) to catch the light of dawn. Julian, a Lebensgarten member (a community in Germany) is getting a website made and needs photos. Sebastian Graf and I get to collaborate our first photo project. Sebastian's ideas are along the lines of panorama's and playing with morning light. We rush to get to the Januarsberg hill before the sun rises.

Sun rising in the background, giving a stunning portait.

The area around the hill; a pine forest with a fresh spray of birch trees which have within the last week awoken from their slumber and now sizzle with small leaves. My heart smiles at my surroundings, the bursting signs of spring, which I have to some part missed in the last week due to feeling sick.

Image courtesy: Sebastian Graf

We go from place to place, along our way to the hill. Stopping to test different areas and become acquainted with our roles, as photographers with equipment, or for Julian - finding ways to express himself, while shivering in the cool morning air...

An unedited panorama showing the morning activities.