Friday, December 18, 2009

Published my music - "Jamendo"

I'm very exited to say that now you can find Iraisis (My artist name) on the net! You can listen to my album Dreamer, and the two songs that I selected from my album. Listen below:


Even though these songs were experiments I ind these days when I listen to them that I really like them. Maybe somebody else does to? We will see...

So I welcome you to go in and leave some comments and suggestions, for my future of music making! If you have a login on Jamendo you can write reviews and stuff. Haven' looked into myself yet. I can also suggest Jamendo, maye you can compare it to Spotify, except different purpose. But for music lovers with a bit of a original taste - like myself - it's a perfect place to get your afternoon music listening time from!

Cheers to an aspiring everything! I mean, sorry - Music artist! ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back to a Routine Life

Since I have come to Sweden I have gently been sniffing possibilities and creating oppurtunities for myself. Now for the first time in almost two years, I am joining into a curriculum!

This is Kävesta "Folkhögskola". It is a Folk high school that offers an array of arts, Dance, Sculpting, Art, Psychology and Animation.

I have chosen a regular curriculum line that focuses on dance. I am also very lucky for in Sweden under the age of 20 students are paid to attend school!

I am also very excited to explore dance in a more academic manner. In the past years in India I have beenloving the local Full Moon Dance Collectives - dance nights organized by a small group of DJs and dance lovers in Auroville. In the last month I've been dancing a lot on my own also - to keep my body going.

I have a wish to be very flexible in my body, and I have wanted this since I was very young as well. Now I feel it's my inspiration to do it is getting stronger - as well as the tools I use to get there are becoming more. It's exciting to see where I will go when being in this school.

I think I have 20 projects up in the air right now - maybe not exactly that many. But there is a bunch of exiting stuff going on.