Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready for my realtime Natural Horse website!

Well, speak of the devil!

I have been saying for the last few days how I really want to create a "network" for Natural Horsemanship people and a place, mostly to link all of the hundreds of sites full of great information together. I'd like to make the information more accessible to the people who need it, and more inspiring to want to learn about, for those who haven't yet caught on to the Natural Horse train.

The exiting bit:

I now have my own domain name :

And soon a full on site, you can see the demo at

So I will be collecting content and start to upload. I'm also planning on having wordpress installed on my domain. So it will be a fully comment-able, blog style website.

This is a great project and I am excited about it. ATB (all the best) Isa.

Logo drawing for

PS: If you stumble upon this blog and are interested in the project, contact

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