Monday, May 25, 2009

Been in Denmark long enough to Blog about it, no? ;)

This is a beautiful place, not half as well organized as Skogsberg but very cozy. The lilac is in full bloom and the horses snort in the paddock. One day I'll be scrubbing the floor of a long since cleaned laundry room, the next I'm on the beach with Jasmin, and of course, Mayday and Jenida.

Life here so far has been all of the following; challenging, exiting, endouring, inspiring... and more exiting. Quit quickly I'm gining undestanding of Danish, and not as quickly; learning to understand Juliane.

I am continuously suprising myself with how much i've been working here. I knew from the begining that being here would need of me to help out and be of service to my living environment much more then ever before. I like to say, I have to release my ego and put my heart to work. And I've been blowing my own mind away with the amount of commitment I've been able to share here at Rosenlund.

In the future I can look forward to many things. Karsten and Jasmin have planned many events in which I will be an assisting part of. At the moment Durai has just arrived, wich is such an amazing surprise and I am enjoying a lot. Jasmin has also left for a 4 day course, and so Juliane is here with Kartsen , Durai and I. So over the next few days I will be learning more intensly about interacting with her, finding out how best to communicate, and seeing how many time I can tickle her per day without her growing tired of it! Or maybe something along those lines! ;)

One more thing that I am most certainly looking forward to is this. Sometime after Jasmin returns we will recieve to young horses for starting! So hopefully I'll have a good oportunity to pick up a bunch of good horse habbits from Jasmin throug that experience. Jasmin was alo sharing ideas of how I could help her train them, you could imagine how exited I am by that!

With all love, enjoy the pics (check picassa)! Isa

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jet lagged and running a marathon

Well, I'm now in Sweden... It's a cold, but the springtime here is heavenly. Flowers everywhere; dandelions, tulips, cherry blossoms you name it! The first day here I spent helping Mormor and Jon take care of a fallen down tree; collecting dead twigs for a bonfire and sorting out firewood for the winter. And take the title literally! I ran in a marathon!

I was amazed by how well my body was working with me. It's seems that all of the horse riding actually went in to my body. It was also really nice being able to move and NOT getting over heated. I've been leaping and prancing and so happy, even though it's only 10c outside (this does feal really cold though!!).

Anyways... The Marathon was a womens marathon with 7000 people. I was in a group of 4 people and we were sponsored by the town magazine. It was 5100m and I managed to jog the whole way! I'm pretty proud. It took me 45 minutes and by the end of it, I felt like going for another round! Haha!

Great experience! Soon I'll post photos of the spring here, and I'm going to try to get a photo the marathon posted in this article. So keep an eye!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Hours in India...

...and I know that the next time I come back I will be a very different person; this in the aspects of time passed and experience gained. I know I'm in for it now, all the adventures up to this point have prepared me for what is coming. I'm now have the courage to throw myself into the world, to take care of myself, and I know how to dream... BIG.

Although, all this remains theory in my mind; The fact that I'm actually leaving India still hasn't sunken in. I keep thinking: "Me - This wild and young adventurer that is so accustomed to the life and freedom of India, is now going to the western lands of laws and restrictions... Now why would I wanna do that?".

As far as freedom... well, I'm going to miss that! But my experiences here have pretty much summed up. They have taught me many an important lesson. I have gotten over fears of traveling on my own. I have gotten over most of my insecurities about myself and meeting new people. I've also been on many unusual and very unique adventures that I wouldn't have been able to experience anywhere else in the world (Beau, you'd know all about this!).

All this is experience that will now help me to take this big step, my own adventure. This time a choice outside of my casual realm, away from my securities and outside my boxes.

Cheers to the next Chapter! Here I come...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today it starts!

My domain name is now working, so there are only two things to do now: find a attractive design solution, and work my butt of getting loads of interesting and useful content (i think starting small is best). In case your not up-to-date I've written a few earlier articles about this project (see "All my posts" in the panel to the left).

So visit the seedling of my site at:

(Or refer to the "Natural Horse" link in the panel on the left.)

Someday I'll upload my personal site and blog there too... whenever that really feels necessary.

To help me out as an aspiring designer, go see the site and let me know of your first impression! This is a great help. You can for example just leave feedback in the form of a comment on this blog.

Thanks! Isa

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready for my realtime Natural Horse website!

Well, speak of the devil!

I have been saying for the last few days how I really want to create a "network" for Natural Horsemanship people and a place, mostly to link all of the hundreds of sites full of great information together. I'd like to make the information more accessible to the people who need it, and more inspiring to want to learn about, for those who haven't yet caught on to the Natural Horse train.

The exiting bit:

I now have my own domain name :

And soon a full on site, you can see the demo at

So I will be collecting content and start to upload. I'm also planning on having wordpress installed on my domain. So it will be a fully comment-able, blog style website.

This is a great project and I am excited about it. ATB (all the best) Isa.

Logo drawing for

PS: If you stumble upon this blog and are interested in the project, contact