Friday, March 12, 2010

One Hour Design

A friend of the house calls. "... I would love your help with something. I need my logo sent to a company tonight, is this possible?".

It's 10:00. There's school tomorrow... 

"Yeah, of course! Do you know how Skype works?". A ten minute intro to Skype, and were ready to discuss the logo. "What are your ideas? ... The more clear you are about what you want the faster I can work". Teaching about sending files. I discuss fonts while I download the images she likes which takes a few minutes. "What kind of fonts do you like?". ..."OK, I'll call you back after I've made an example image of the fonts i think you'll like."

"Hi again, did you receive the file? ...Ah the last one? And what about the images?  ...Ok, sounds good, I'll call back once I've got a draft". 

I show her a few ideas, she's really excited and I'm quick surprised by my effeciency. I make a few changes.

"Ok, what about this...?"

23:00... sent.

I love it when I surprise myself. When I accomplish something new. In this case the outcome is simple. Although after having crammed discussions, Skype lessons and personality / brand analyzation into one hour, I do feel good.

...and Hey! I get a massage/ spa treatment + another addition to my portfolio!

Next up?


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